“What is the best way to get involved with AED if this is my first time attending?”

  • Make sure you sign up for our weekly email updates (found at the top of our website), sign up for our social media (located in the top right corner of the website) and attend the meetings each week. Through all of these outlets the AED Team and our Advisor will be communicating a multitude of information that can be beneficial to success in your pre-health journey! We look forward to seeing you!
  • Look through our Initiatives and feel free to reach out to any of the Initiative Leaders to gather more information. As always we are here to help you become a competitive applicant so ask us any questions you have about the pre-health pathway.

“What do I wear to meetings each week?”

  • Attire for meetings is casual. You can wear anything that you would feel comfortable being seen wearing in public!

“I just went to my first year advisor and she recommended I join AED! I unfortunately missed the first meeting, but I would love to come to the next! Please let me know how I can get involved with AED!”

  • There are weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in Lloyd 38. These meetings will often include a speaker, who might be an admissions representative, an MCAT preparation program representative, or a local health care professional.Also, there is a list of initiatives listed on the website’s toolbar that provide contact information for their directors if any of them pique your interest.  Usually initiative directors will make announcements at meetings if there is something important that they have coming soon. Lastly, make sure you sign up for the weekly email updates at the bottom of the page so you can receive up to date information from the AED Team and Advisor in regards to ongoing opportunities on campus.

“Do seniors who have been induced receive graduation cords for AED?”

  • Yes, graduation cords will be available for $8. An e-mail will be sent to the list-serve with more details closer to the date for those seniors who have already been initiated into AED!

“How are points tracked? Does every Tuesday meeting me attend equate to 1 point? Do the elementary school programs contribute to volunteer hours or points? If I am in “UA Discovery Buddies”, another elementary school program similar to “Do Not Try This At Home”, can those hours be counted?”

  • Yes, each meeting is a point toward initiation. You may use the elementary school programs as volunteer hours. Both programs will be counted toward volunteering hours. Remember you need 15 points from AED events as well as 20 volunteer hours to be initiated!

“Will there be an opportunity to purchase a t-shirt this spring semester?”

  • T-shirts will be on sale again this semester, but we have not announced when that will be. Keep a lookout on here and at the meetings, we’ll also be getting the word out via our social media venues so make sure to give us a follow!”

Please email the Historian (bamaaednews@gmail.com), if you have any further questions!