AED offers the following resources to help UA’s pre-health students. Below are links to opportunities that AED provides as well as links to more information you may find helpful.

Weekly MeetingsAED’s meetings will help to inform you of what you need to know and be aware of, empower you and give you the guidance, and AED and our meetings will give you the opportunities that you need to get involved in areas such as volunteering, research, mentoring, and more.

Initiatives – Our Initiatives serve to empower pre-health students to get involved in opportunities such as community service, research, shadowing, pre-health mentoring, and more.

COVID-19 – Due to the ongoing pandemic we are modifying how AED will be conducted for the Fall Semester

Other UA Pre-Health Societies – This link contains information and links to other UA Pre-Health Societies.

Frequent Student Questions – Check out this page for more specific questions other students have asked! If you still are unsure the answer to your question, feel free to email us (