Alpha Epsilon Delta is committed to serving the community it calls home and strongly encourages all its members to get involved in service that both fosters the community and helps prepare students for their future careers. Not only is volunteering a critical aspect of resumes for all pre-health students, it is necessary to develop the empathy and perspective that is a large part of the health field. Students have the chance to make meaningful impacts in the lives of others long before they take on their role as health care professionals, and Alabama offers a variety of clinical and non-clinical opportunities. 

The Volunteer Initiative Directors are here to help students find opportunities that fit their interests and schedules. Local service organizations and opportunities can currently be found through the Source  and BamaPulse. BamaPulse can also be used to keep track of your service hours and the impacts you’ve made and will be used by AED to track service hours. Twenty hours of community service is required in order to be initiated. This tracking is useful not only for AED initiation, but for future applications for pre-professional schools.

There are also several clinical opportunities within Tuscaloosa that can provide useful experience for those pursuing a career in healthcare.

Fill out this google form to let us know what experiences we do not have listed that you have found, and enjoy!! If you have volunteered somewhere, and you think other students would like to be a part of it as well; please let us know down below the information we need to know about it!

If you need further assistance selecting a service opportunity that fits you, please fill out this form! Also, don’t forget to follow the AED Instagram @ua_aed, located at the top right corner of our page for posts advertising current service opportunities.

If you have specific questions, feel free to email the Volunteer Initiative Directors (