Research is a fantastic way to enrich one’s education and develop skills that the ordinary college curriculum wouldn’t otherwise provide. Becoming a part of research at the undergraduate level can also prove very beneficial for developing useful connections and discovering new resources for a multitude of future career paths. 

It is also beneficial to any prospective student interested in the sciences. Not only will you gain a better understanding of what you learn in your pre-requisite classes, but you will also find a new appreciation for scientific exploration.

 Acceptance to medical school is very competitive and undergraduate research is becoming an important factor in the admission process. Research isn’t limited to just prospective medical students; anyone in any pre-health curriculum is encouraged to take part in these wonderful opportunities. After all, research will make any applicant stand out! 

The first step in getting started with research is finding a mentor. There are many ways you can go about doing this. The University offers a great program called the Emerging Scholars Program that pairs you with a mentor that best fits your interests whether it be modeling human diseases in fruit flies or understanding the molecular biology of a bacterial gene. Projects have the opportunities to be funded and/or presented at research conferences. Research opportunities aren’t limited to such programs, however, all it takes is reaching out to professors that fit your interests. Find a field you are passionate about and email the professor. You have nothing to lose!  

Please fill out this form, save it, and email to the Research Director. This research application is just a better way for us to get to know your research goals and interests, thereby matching you with a lab that fits you well. 

Research Application

Links are provided for some University Science Departments where you may be able to find research opportunities.

Biological Sciences – University of Alabama College of Arts & Sciences 

Faculty and Staff (Chemistry)

Undergraduate Research (Physics)

College of Engineering Programs

UA Emerging Scholars Program

UA Undergrad Research Database

Kinesiology – The University of Alabama College of Education | The University of Alabama 

Biological Anthropology – Anthropology

Faculty (Psychology) 

For extremely motivated students who are looking for opportunities to take part in immersive projects and get exposure to healthcare as a whole, there are many AAMC recognized programs/internships as well! 

Summer Undergraduate Research Programs

For tips on getting involved with research, please click here!

If you have specific questions, feel free to email the Research Initiative Director (