CAPS Mentoring Program

UA’s premedical advising staff, along with Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), UA’s premedical honor society, has worked to create a student-led premedical mentoring program for qualified premedical upperclassmen to be paired with freshman mentees. This program was created out of a strong desire to allow premedical freshmen an opportunity to be exposed to the types of information and advice that premedical students are typically not familiarized with until much later in their collegiate careers. Through coordination with upperclassmen premedical students, alumni of Alabama who have gone on to medical school, and Alabama’s premedical advising staff, mentees will become acquainted with an immensely beneficial set of resources (involving summer research and career activities, organizations, MCAT preparation, and lab research, among others) that can prepare students for a steady trajectory toward success in the medical school admissions process. While applying to medical school is inevitably a long process, it doesn’t have to be grueling. Mentees who are selected will be required to attend bi-monthly meetings with upperclassmen mentors and other mentees. While the resources, both tangible and intangible, provided by this program will be significant, only apply for this opportunity if you are serious about actively engaging the path toward medical school.

Please contact Maris Hardee ( or Lauren Petrey ( for questions.

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